Just an IT guy that wants to dive deeper into the innovative technologies  that VMware and other companies have to offer. I have a passion and the vision for learning the skills necessary to be a proficient and successful Full Stack Solutions Engineer.

I currently have 12 years of IT experience. Started in Helpdesk/basic admin in 2003 for a boat dealership, worked as a Systems Administrator for Rackspace and now have been working at a Molecular Diagnostic’s laboratory for just 10 years. During my tenure there, I’ve built the company from just a handful of servers and a flat network to over 250 servers, complex networking and storage configurations to provide resiliency that businesses come to expect.

Proficient in Cisco, Dell Force10, F5 networking gear. Microsoft platforms ranging from Server 2003-2016 running Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, SCCM. NetApp and Equal Logic storage. A to Z engineering that plays a part into our VMware vSphere environment which started in 3.5. It’s been a fun adventure, I’ve learned a lot and have enjoyed it immensely. Now I want to dig deeper, fill the gaps and learn what it takes to design larger enterprise solutions from an even larger engineering and design aspect by adding a few more layers.

I’m ready for the challenge and look forward to being apart of a community of like-minded folks that share the passion, ambition and goals along the way.