Helpful Links

List of helpful documents related to vSphere 6.x and it’s components I’ve used in my studies. Also, I’ve listed some really useful tools to help administer and obtain information from ESXi hosts and vCenter. Be sure to support the creators if you find the tools helpful yourself.

Helpful VMware Documentation


vSphere Upgrades


Freeware/Shareware Tools for VMware

RVTools – list information about VMs, CPU, Memory, Disks, Partitions, Network, Floppy drives, CD drives, Snapshots, VMware tools, Resource pools, Clusters, ESX hosts, HBAs, Nics, Switches, Ports, Distributed Switches, Distributed Ports, Service consoles, VM Kernels, Datastores, Multipath info, health checks and more…

Visual ESXTOP – is an enhanced version of resxtop and esxtop. VisualEsxtop can connect to VMware vCenter Server or ESX hosts, and display ESX server stats with a better user interface and more advanced features.

Dell Computers

Quadport Capable Hardware for Dell M1000e PowerEdge Chassis a Technical White Paper describing port enumerations and relationships between Full/Half height blade servers and IO Modules.

Stacking Dell Force10 MXL 10/40G Blade Switches – Detailed explanation on how to stack & configure Dell blade switches.