Tech Field Day 19 Next Week!

I remember 2 years ago, I saw a few close friends going to this event they called “Tech Field Day”. Originally, I thought to myself, “Wow, what is this conference I wasn’t privy to”. After researching a bit I realized that this wasn’t a conference at all. This was an opportunity to listen and learn about new and emerging technologies with the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback on products and/or solutions from various companies that I use and interact with on a daily basis and ones I don’t. Talk about the feeling of holy cow, I want and need to somehow be apart of this.

After reaching out to a few fellow delegates I’m close to, learning about Tech Field Day and talking to them about it I was sold. I was lucky enough to be referred as a potential delegate and went through the process and applied to be a delegate. Little did I know I would be given an opportunity to be apart of it for Tech Field Day 19 in Silicon Valley next week!

As a customer using these vendors and as a customer curious of the products these vendors are developing is like a kid in a candy store. I can’t wait!

I can’t wait to meet the founder and creator of Tech Field Day Stephen Foskett and reconnect with the rest of the #TFD team. I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to join them for Tech Field Day 19. It’s a true honor!

I’m looking forward to meeting the other delegates from around the world. Next week is going to be an experience and a blast!

Lastly, the line up of vendors is pure gold!


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