VCAP6-DCV Deploy Exam Experience

Took the exam on 11/22, but the testing center was having issues with their computer about 20 minutes into the exam. I had to reschedule. Rescheduled on 11/30 and was able to complete the exam without issue. Usually with lab exams, your score report is emailed within a few hours of exam completion. In my case, I didn’t get a report until (today) 12/15 and PASSED. I had to open a ticket with the VMware certification team for them to investigate. Certification team was able to pull my report and promptly sent it over. Kudos to VMware for the swift action.

The exam was nicely laid out, there were some questions that had some issues with their formatting which made it difficult to see the proper information that was needed for the question. The interface was fairly responsive most of the time which was nice. Not having copy/paste wasn’t a big issue for me, but you can always use the on-screen keyboard, if needed. The backspace key being disabled was the biggest issue I faced. Using the delete key basically saved the day, but still a pain and had to adapt.

Overall it was a great experience and is laid out similar to VMware’s Hands-on-Lab.

My tips:

  1. Try and read through all the questions first and pick off the low hanging fruit. Some questions build on each other but if you can knock out the easy ones without spending too much time you’ll have more time for the more difficult or time intensive questions.
  2. Eat a good breakfast and drink plenty of water before going into the exam. After about 3 hours you start getting hungry.
  3. Try and schedule the exam as early in the day as you can. Seems that later in the day, performance starts to slow down a bit.

Here’s some more helpful links and great study guides I reviewed prior to sitting the exam.

Exam Tips & Tricks

vPentathon VCAP Study Guide

vJenner’s VCAP Study Guide

And of course my own study guide and labs on this site.

I want to thank everyone that has contributed and who has given back to the VMware learning community.

Good luck to everyone preparing for the VCAP Deploy exam.

On to the VCAP6 Design / VCIX!


Questions / Comments?

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