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  1. Sergio Bortolucci
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    I am working on a cluster solution with VMware Vsphere Essentials kit and availability of replication and load balancing functions is requested. I realized that it would be possible to use two application servers with RAID 10 and, by adding the vSAN license (this one playing the role of virtual storage), implement all the functionality of the Vsphere Essentials license plus the cluster support kit (such as Replication and balancing of charge). For that, I interpreted that it would be necessary:

    2 – Lenovo ThinkSystem ISG SR630 Servers Intel Xeon Silver 4208 processor, 8 cores, 2.1GHz 32GB Dual Rank x4 DDR4-2933M RAM memory
    4x 1.2TB SAS 512n HDD
    Lenovo DCG ThinkSystem RAID 730-8i Controller (RAID10)
    Lenovo 4-Port Ethernet Network Card 1Gb RJ45 2x 750W hot plug power supply
    1 – Vsphere Essentials plus kit license
    1 – vSan License

    I was in doubt if the 8 1TB disks (4 per server) are enough and if the licenses are correct.

    Can you help me confirm that what I specified is correct?


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